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Claudio Zanghieri

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March 2018

New Website Test Phase

24-31st Boston Visit

April 2018

11-14th Musik Messe, Ffm

19-21st Jazzahead, Bremen 

June 2018

8-12th Hamburg Project

15th RPJam Akademie Konzert, Giessen

16th Open Day RPJam, Giessen

23-30th Concerts, Italy-1

July 2018

1-5th Concerts, Italy-2

10-22nd Umbria Jazz, Perugia (ITA)

September 2018

28-30th Marleaux Tiefgang #1

October 2018

5-7th TBC…….

December 2018

Christmas Jazz Trio with C.Spendel and J.Biehl


1st Jazzkeller Bamberg,

7th Siegen

8-9th Jazzkeller Frankfurt

is the production company where he writes and publishes his studio works. 

A growing part of his working life, full with today’s sounds, sensations and vibrations.

These test videos are made possible through the collaboration of my good friend Marco Ramazzotto, the Bass Department manager at Session Frankfurt! 

NOTICE: these videos are in german, with some italian moments…..

Mark Bass Little Mark Ninja und New York 122 Ninja


Mark Bass TTE 501 und New Zork 122 Ninja


Marleaux Votan X-tra WBK


more to come…..

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